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Watches Rescued

Here are few things i would like to share with all fellow watch lover !
I sell What I Love ...
I am not a professional watchmaker..My small time hobby to collect watches took me to sell few..All of these watches are almost 20-35 years old some times even more .So calling them ""Rescued Beauties"" won't be wrong. A team of professional watchmakers helps me to save these beauties from the clutches of uncertain Death .Everyday ,Every moment i get immense pleasure see one beauty dancing happily on my wrist and I get the same pleasure seeing them on fellow watch lover Wrist too..

Yes, One thing is for sure whatever will be up there in my shop will have no issue with authenticity as well as their smooth working.All my watches keeps good time.yes they are not as accurate as quartz watches So please expect them to gain or loose 1-2 minutes in 24 hours ..
Last but not the least As a watch lover i know what i look for and buy so i am sure your expectations will also be met once you buy from my shop .If you have any question Please feel free to ask .I would love to revert with satisfactory answer..

Best Wishes!!!!!!!!

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