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lot of 10 nice clean seiko serviced watches mixed calibers

I got 10 nice clean Seiko serviced vintage watches ,calibers such as 6309,7009 6319, 7s26 etc.All the watches has been recently serviced and checked for time accuracy too .

The watches got all clean original dials and cases has been polished ,Few of the got original Seiko bracelets and others have after market good quality leather straps.

I have been selling watches since 6 years and got nice feedbacks everywhere .You will get what is been shown and told .I am in need of quick funds so deal will be very reasonable but please only serious buyers can contact as it is a time consuming process .

I have sold few here too and buyers are happy with the products they got .For quick example what I am offering ,you can please check few of my listings on this site itself

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me on

Thanks !

Kategoria: Vintage
Brändi: Seiko
Koneisto: Automaatti
Aitoustodistus: Ei
Takuu: Ei
Huoltohistoria: Kyllä
Myyjä: Yritys
Ilmoitus luotu 23.02.2018